Adaptive Clothing and Wardrobe Hacks – for the special YOU!

Fashion is that magic box which has something for each person, group, generation, race and every category that exists in this universe.

Every person desires to feel special in their own individuality.

Each person wants to love and pamper themselves to the fullest. You all must have heard about immense varieties of outfit trends and hacks, but today we are coming up with wardrobe hacks for differently-able and aged women which is most commonly called Adaptive Clothing. These garments are specially designed for people with physical disabilities and infirm who experience some difficulty in dressing themselves due to inabilities.

Adaptive clothing offers rear-closure designs which are not like normal garments but actually it’s the same dress with some replacement and facilities. The clothes are designed to assure the comfort, conveniences and looks of those people by adding replacing some of the things like instead of buttons and zippers there are Magnetic Buttons or Velcro Closure available.   

Let’s Jump in to some wardrobe hacks of adaptive clothing:

Easy Closures

These garments suit best for people using prosthetic legs or wheelchairs. As easy closure cloths have magnetic hooks and loop fly which are easy to wear and take off also. These clothes have super soft fabric for extra comfort because people often have to sit on wheelchairs all day long. It includes some hoodies and pants. 

Seated Wear

These clothes are mainly designed for people facing inconvenience in getting up and sitting down frequently. The cloths are having easy- back opening lines which prepared with the help of Loop Velcro and Magnetic hooks or commonly called pants with side zips. It also has wheelchair friendly pockets so that if you put something in those pockets it doesn’t fall out. It gives a relaxed feeling to the person who is wearing this as they don’t have to worry about taking off these pants neither they have to depend on anybody else’s help.

Ideal for Prosthetics

Fit for prosthesis means that pant hems are adjustable and legs opening are extended. People using prosthesis face a major problem in movement for their legs. For them the clothes are designed with a wide leg opening segment so that they can easily wear and take off them. It is designed using magnetic hooks and the cloths are so comfortable that it doesn’t harm the prosthetics. But here you need to choose your clothes wisely because if you pick up a wrong size then you might face difficulties in carrying the garment with yourselves. This segment only includes bottom wear like jeans, trousers, pants, joggers etc. 

Ease of Movement

Here the cloths are designed to make them more easily wearable for people who use wheelchairs or having movement limitations. These also have wheelchair friendly pockets with a side zip line. This collection provides the best of upper wears like hoodies, shirts, t-shirts, dresses etc. It has magnetic closures, Velcro fastenings and wrist loops which makes it easier to pull on and wear. It can be done using one hand only. The legs opening is enlarged to such extent so that it can accommodate braces and orthotics and magnetic zippers can be fastened with one hand. 

We all work for just one purpose, that’s ease of living. If you’re self-dependent there is nothing else anybody could wish for. Proper clothing gives you confidence in your personality. Every one of four are disabled in one or the other way but they also are capable to do everything that a normal human being can. Adaptive clothing is a miracle for all those people having disabilities but at the same time have a never give up attitude.

Lets have a look on some of the collection of adaptive clothing outfits

With the help of adaptive clothing they are free to live a happy life and stay perfect in their imperfection.

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