Kinetic Balance : Website Review

Kinetic Balance is yet another coolest shopping website for adaptive clothing. This website has 15 years of experience in the “Positioning Products Industry”. They offer a diverse range of adaptive clothes for people of every age. Its diverse range of products makes a positive difference and inspires their customers also. Their ambition is to design most comfortable and fully featured clothes for people on wheelchairs. They invite all the individuals who want to leave a lasting impact and can join them to inspire others.

Kinetic Balance is design driven and assures comfort, fit, performance and looks for seated people. They promote hashtag #peoplestaremakeitworthit, it means your outfit should show the excellence of yours so that it is worth staring at it. They only produce chair riding apparel which is to suit people having different size, shape, inability, personality etc. Its products are divided into four categories: Women’s Clothing, Men’s Clothing, Raindek Clothing and bags. In all 4 categories they work on each product quality and make it worth buying for the customers. It provides world wide delivery, it is designed to sit made out to stand and has average customer rating of 9 out of 10.

According to reviews on Kinetic Balance’s Facebook page many of their customers says that “pants” for hand cycling worked amazingly perfect for them. It was warm, wind and rain proof, easy to put on/off. Some customers were also happy with their product backrest bag and briefcase. It was super-functional and stylish which made their life at work much easier. It is also better than other website due to its friendly service and super- fast shipping.

Kinetic Balance does not adaptive clothing for every category people, but its wheelchair friendly products are just awesome and loved by a lot of their customers. It is website which produces premium clothing and apparel for wheelchair users. Their product range consist of jeans, pullovers, jackets, bags and Raindeks. The only demerit in this website is that it does not offers variety of designer clothes and only gives a limited range of products. Still it is one of the leading brands in adaptive clothing which growing up day by day.

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