Top 5 Adaptive Clothing Brands 2020

Fashion and Styling has all you need to stay confident, charming and comfortable. Different brands provide different varieties of items you need to stay stylish. It has a unique piece of each individual. We are talking about top brands of adaptive clothing which is a special type of clothing differently abled people, elderly and the infirm who experience some difficulties in dressing themselves up. These cloths have some special features like magnetic zips, Velcro closures, extra large side openings, Wheel- chair friendly pockets etc. In this segment we will cover up all queries like where can I get adaptive cloths? What are the top brands? How can we get those clothes at the best affordable price? And lots more. 

Take a Look at Top 5 Brands of Adaptive Clothing:

Adaptive Clothing by Silvert’s

Silvert’s are the leading retailers of adaptive cloths and have followed the latest fashion trends for you. They focus on the routine physical dilemmas faced by many in the daily chore of dressing. They design clothes on the basis of the client’s special demand, take advice from caregivers and health care professionals to fulfill every possible need of the client. Their design department assimilates style while focusing on the challenges faced by those people with scoliosis, arthritis, decreased level of mobility and incontinence issues. Silvert’s adaptive clothing collection offers outfits for those having Alzheimer’s, wheelchair specific, prosthetic etc. 

Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive

This brand was the first one to launch the adaptive clothing and has varieties of features in their items. Their designer team experiments with some innovative modifications and slight twists in tradition to empower people and make dressing easier for them. They have introduced a series of features in their clothing style like Velcro Closures, Hidden Magnetic Closures, No buttons, No zippers, Wheelchair friendly pockets etc. They ensure full comfort of the clients and make dressing way much easier for them. Tommy Hilfiger has limited varieties of clothes like blouses, trousers and cardigans but not leggings. 

Target Adaptive Collection

They designed to fit the needs of a greater number of people than ever before. Some special features in the clothing styles are Tag less outfits, Slip-on designs, Sensory Friendly, Elastic waistbands and Flat seams. These features provide high comfort and suits for all those people having challenges of Prosthetic, wheel-chairs, oedema, paraplegia etc. 

IZ Adaptive Clothing

These garments are ethically created in customized studios, where they consider each demand and requirement of the clients and provide best possible services and products. To ensure the durability of clothes they use quality fabrics and these clothes have some signature cuts and style to suit a seated body, to provide better fitting, feel comfortable than regular mainstream clothing. They came up with creative passion and identified the need of people having disabilities for whom special types of clothes should come. They monitor day-to-day physical realities of their customers and provide timeless adaptive clothing to as many people as possible so that they can live in comfort, stay stylish and self-dependent.

Easy Access

This brand makes adaptive clothing for men, women and children. They redesign the regular clothes and shoes by using so special adaptive designs. They focus on providing the most practical, fashionable, functional, highest quality clothing and shoes collection for disabled consumers. They provide a wide variety of styles, colors and fabrics to ensure independence, dignity, looks and comfort. Features like elastic, magnets, large buttons, snaps, zippers, drawstrings and Velcro helps to fasten the dressing of those people. Cozy fabrics, tag less labels, flat seams and lack of back pockets prevent sensory distress and skin injuries. Dresses and shirts have two-angled front zippers for abdominal access.

Every brand mentioned above has the best services and products for their customers. The clothes are designed to fulfill various types of needs of the clients. This ensures the customer’s satisfaction, happiness, and budget to make their life easier.


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