2020 Summers Body Care Routine – Women

Summer season is knocking the door and we all face problems due to some unwelcome guests which are skin problems. We all love to flaunt our favorite outfits but one thing that resists us from doing this is our skin problems. During this extreme hot weather, our skin loses hydration very quickly and we face many skin problems like dry skin, acne breakouts, irritation and rashes, sweating and the list goes on and on. For external body care we are coming up with the best summer body care routine for women which will fulfil all the requirements of your body. It helps you to deeply nourish, hydrate, purify and detoxify your body to give you freedom to flaunt yourself the way you wish.


Hair Removal– In summer we love to wear sleeveless and short clothes because of the unbearable heat and sweat. Regular underarm, body and bikini lines hair removal is a must in summer because sweating can cause skin rashes and red bumps which we never want. Waxing is quite a painful method so we would recommend one easy and convenient method shaving which is safe and affordable. The best shaving kits are SATIN CARE SHAVE GEL which is safe and super moisturizing. For razor the best is GILLETTE VENUS BREEZE RAZOR which is designed with a triple layer blade to provide a smooth and cut less shaving experience. Before shaving you should have a proper shower so that pores get opened and hairs come out easily. Apply the shave gel evenly on your body part and slowly glide the razor in the opposite direction of hair growth. For bikini line shaving you should prefer an Aloe Vera gel as a shaving gel and should not take long strokes. Shaving this area needs a lot of patience and care. After shaving don’t forget to use your favorite moisturizer to avoid skin irritation and red bumps. 

Shower Tips– During summer season we wish like staying in shower forever. Taking shower everyday is very important for an active mind. For shower you should use some hydrating body wash or soaps which have lemon, neem, lavender, mint and cherry essence in it. Some of the best shower gels brands are Nivea, Pears, Dove, Bodyshop, Biotique etc. Some of the best soaps to use during summer are Margo, Liril 2000, Pears, Dettol etc. Regardless of best quality products you should follow some more shower tips for long lasting refreshment. You should rub lemon after wetting your body before using body wash or soap. After shower you should clean your body using a cotton towel not the one with synthetic fabrics.

Hydration– Summer is all about giving proper hydration to your body. Dehydrated skin causes itching, irritation and bumps. To reduce this, you should use super hydrating body lotions from DOVE, NIVEA, VASELINE, BIOTIQUE, LOTUS, HIMALAYA etc. Rather than this you should rub home-made aloe vera ice cubes, drink lemon water regularly. This maintains the moisture balance and deeply repairs the skin cells.

Tan Removal– Suntan is one of the major issues that every person faces during summer. You cannot wear dresses of choice; you keep hiding your tanned skin and waste a lot of time removing suntan. For this you should use body scrub and packs regularly to get rid of this problem. Some of the best tan removal scrubs and packs are WOW SKIN SCIENCE UBTAN COLLECTION, EVERYUTH CHOCOLATE COFFEE SCRUB, BIOTIQUE BIO-PAPAYA SCRUB, LOTUS BODY SCRUB etc.

Choose your scrub and pack according to your skin type and follow all the guidelines mentioned on respective packs. To avoid suntan risk always use sunscreen before going out.Your needs a lot of care from you to stay healthy and make you feel confident for every situation. Following a simple body care routine is all that your skin needs. You should take care and pamper your skin to the fullest. To keep your skin healthy during summer you should have a clean healthy diet, drink a lot of water, consume citrus fruits and vegetables, have some hydrated beverages like lemon water, buttermilk, fruit juices etc.

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