5 Minutes Quick Fix Makeup

Women all around the world play various roles at a time. Working women and housewives have less time to take care of themselves because of too much work load on them. Makeup is done not just to look pretty and photogenic but also to protect the skin. But when it comes to actually wearing makeup, many questions arise like: How do I take out time for makeup? How will I look? How much should I invest in these products? And whatnot. 

Well we are here to answer all your doubts regarding makeup. We bring to you easy 5-minute makeup for everyday look. These tips can be followed by college girls, school teachers, office girls and housewives. 

Let’s jump into easy 5 minutes makeup tips for everyday look:

Natural Makeup Look– You should first start with a moisturizer which is the most important part. Next you should apply any sunscreen of your choice, this step is also important as it will protect your skin from UV rays. Then you should apply the primer as it keeps the makeup long lasting, if you do not have it please apply some aloe Vera gel. Then comes the next step which is applying a BB cream. Then set your makeup with a setting/loose powder. After this apply your favorite eyeliner/kajal and lipstick. This look is best for college girls and housewives.

”No Makeup” Makeup Look– This look is all about flawless base makeup, specially recommended for girls who do not like to wear heavy makeup. Start your makeup by priming your face with face serum or aloe Vera gel. If you have too much dry skin, priming is a must for you because it hydrates your skin. Apply your regular foundation evenly using a wet sponge or use CC cream. Use a concealer for under and eyelids, spread it evenly to avoid any kind of crease line. Apply your favorite mascara for defining your eyes well and in the end apply your favorite lipstick. This makeup is so lite that you won’t even feel that you are wearing makeup.

Dusky Skin Makeup– This look is to enhance the dusky look just a little bit more. Start your makeup by applying a lip balm to hydrate your lips. Apply your moisturizer for even finish and then use the bb cream as a makeup base. Concealing the dark region of your skin is a very important step in this and then fill up your eyebrows with an eye pencil. To give a shine in your makeup use a regular bronzer a little shade lighter than your skin tone. For eye makeup use a shimmer shade and apply it with denser brush and for upper eyelids use a skin color eyeshadow. After this use your regular eyeliner and lipstick to get the finish look.

Smokey Eye Makeup- As mentioned this look is all about the eyes and for other steps follow the same mentioned above in a natural makeup look. You can create a smokey eye through your kajal. Apply your kajal and spread this with an eyeshadow brush. Do not go too high in the inner eye corner and follow your eyelid lining. After this apply a brown eyes hadow and this step is smokey eye hack follow this onto your lids. If you like winged eyes use eyeliner to create a thin line into your eyes. And bang on!

TIP OF THE DAY- All you need to do is just start taking care of your skin which is very important. Eat some healthy fruits and vegetables, take a good nap, stay away from excessive stress and a lot more are there. Above mentioned makeup looks are very easy to create and stay long. Love yourselves, pamper yourselves, stay healthy and beautiful.





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