5 Color Combination Tips | 2020 Summers Outfit For Women

Have you ever wondered about your lives without colors? Have you ever stayed in that environment where everything is dull? Have you ever imagined trees, forest, oceans, flora and fauna without colors? The answer would be a big NO. In the same way fashion and styling has its reliability on colors. Colors have a bigger and better impact on everyone. Our colors choices about outfits portrays our image and leaves an impression on others. Your outfits color combination varies according to your shape, weight, personality and emotions. How you will be appreciated for your outfits depends on your choice of colors according to the environment you are in. During summer we need to look at a lot of things when it comes to choosing an outfit like warmer weather, shorter hemlines and brighter colors are only a few of them. This is the best time to experiment your clothing style by following some tips of choosing the bang on color combination. 



It is the combination of two darker colors one for top and other one for bottom. One of most crisp colors that looks super classy with a pair of black heels. These color combinations are one for all-time acceptable looks. It also works with business and party wear which smartens up your casual look. You can wear a plain white tee under the red jacket with distressed jeans and boom. This will highlight the brightness of the red jacket and will be the best contrast to your blue jeans.


This color combination is called one of the most powerful color combinations. It redefines your elegance and best for travel outfits. These get up suits with both silver and gold accessories with peach colored sling bags. These come under the most versatile type of styling and make you feel more confidence. Casual flats and wedges with it make you perfect regardless of the occasion. 


The most refreshing look for summer is this one. This is the most common color which everybody has in their closet. You can have a top jeans combo, one-piece dress, middy, striped kurta, top and skirt with skirt. It suits with all kinds of footwear and oxidized jewelry. One of the most simple and cool looks you have this summer.


Black outfit is must in our closet. It is the best party wear, casual wear and office wear. But the coral combination makes it more impact ful and impressive. Black is a dark color but coral makes it slightly brighter. Coral is nothing but slightly detailed bright flowers printed on the cloths. These color combination jackets are the best casual wear jackets. It gives you the coolest fancy look in the form of a dress. Whatever you wear footwear or accessories, the combination will still look fabulous.


The most crisp and natural look you get through these types of clothes. Yellow is a bright color but green balances the brightness and adds contrasts in the look. It makes the look more fresh, clean, warm toned, sharpens your look and suits on bright complexion people. We get a cooler toned look if we try this with a fresh white shirt and put on green accessories to bang the look.

Colors have totally different importance in our lives. It fills happiness and liveliness in a dull thing. What color’s outfit we choose defines our personality and reflects the positive vibes from our inner soul. Colors are necessary to fill our lives with joy and happiness.

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