5 Personal Hygeine Products That Every Woman Should Have!

Women are always known for their multi-tasking skills. They perform many jobs at one time and surprisingly they do all of them perfectly be it housewife, office going women, a mother, a wife, a girlfriend. In all these rush women often forgets to take care of themselves, especially their personal hygiene. Personal hygiene is as important as our meal, daily brush, regular household cleaning, medicines and much more. Due to lack of awareness we don’t talk much about feminine hygiene a lot it seems like we are too busy for feminine hygiene. Personal hygiene refers to staying healthy and preventing infectious diseases through practice of cleanliness. It involves very basic things and care but it needs regularity. It is not going to change your lifestyle too much, all you need to do is just add a few habits in your daily routine and you’re safe, healthy and hygienic.


Intimate Wash-

Taking care of our intimate parts is a must especially during your periods. Avoiding intimate hygiene can lead you to so many serious skin problems and you might have to visit a gynecologist for months. Using soap down there is not cool at all. It’s like you won’t wear a night suit in a party and or not use face wash as your shower gel. Intimate wash is a must have item in your intimate care essentials. You should avoid using soap to clean your intimate region and use intimate washes instead of it. It regulates the vaginal pH balance and keeps you away from problems like irritation, itchiness and dryness. One of the best intimate washes are clean n dry intimate wash, V-wash Plus intimate wash, Namya intimate wash, Wow skin science intimate wash etc. All these products are meant for intimate region as they contain ingredients that is safe for you. 

Trimmer/ Razor-

When we sweat there is high risk of fungal infections and boils, for that it is important to trim or shave the hairs of sensitive areas like underarms, highs, bikini lines etc. Many people don’t have a lot of time to go to the parlor and have a waxing treatment and it is quite painful too. Razors and trimmer are best for regular hair removal and travel friendly too. If you have to go somewhere in a hurry these are the best options for you. Regular hair removal is necessary to clean your skin and avoid the chance of skin infection and irritation. Some of the best trimmers and razors are Gillette Venus Razor with body butters and Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmers. These are most trusted and used products for hair removal purposes. This trimmer is all in one kit which gives you the facility to remove hairs from all over your body. It provides different blades for different regions. It has no side effects and gives painless hair removal experience.

Pads/Tampons/Menstrual Cups-

These are most necessary menstrual care products. You must need to have any of them during your periods. Pads are good for use when you are at home and at night. Tampons and Menstrual Cups are ideal for travel and office going women because it is for long usage so you won’t have the tension to change it in a short time. Some of the best Pads, tampons and Menstrual Cups are Whisper Ultra Soft XL pads, Stayfree Sanitary Pads, Tampax Pearl Tampons, Playtex Sport Tampons, Merula Menstrual Cups, Softcup Menstrual Cups etc. 

Underarm Roll-on/Talcum Powder-

Using a deodorant and perfume deodorant directly on the underarms can cause irritation and harm to the skin. Instead of this you should use an underarm roll- on when you go outside and Talcum Powder when you are at home. These are gentle for your delicate underarm skin. Roll- on helps in providing freshness, controls sweat odor, brightens your skin over there. Talcum Powders soft and controls the sweat and odor. It is best to use it when you sleep at night after using a talcum powder on your underarms. You would not feel irritated at night and feel fresh. Some of the best underarm roll- on and talcum powders are Nivea Pearl Beauty Roll- on, Dove Original Roll- on, Rexona Underarm Roll- on, Ponds Beauty Talcum Powders, Johnson Baby Powder, Nivea Pure Talc etc.

Wet Baby Wipes-

For complete hygiene it is important to moisturize the skin and only cleaning it is not enough. Baby Wipes must be in your purse no matter where you go school, college, office, or travelling. When you use any public toilet it is not hygienic to use the water of that place. You should have Wet Wipes for cleaning yourselves. You should use it to clean your face when you feel a lot of dirt, use it on your underarms when you are sweating. Baby Wipes are very gentle on the skin and do not harm it. Some of the best baby wipes are Johnson Baby Skincare Wipes, Baby Dove Wipes, Himalaya Baby Wipes etc.

All above mentioned items and tips are very basic and must have in your daily routine. Feminine Hygiene is very important for each woman out there. Even if you don’t have any skin problems, still you should maintain personal hygiene to avoid any further risk.

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