Tension Free Periods With Menstrual Cups

Talking about periods openly has always been a Taboo in India. It has been going on since ages, with time some people have left behind those taboos and talk about it openly, but there are many places still active who live with this orthodox thinking. When we don’t talk about periods, we cannot understand the type of problem a woman goes through each month. Maintaining hygiene during periods is most important and, in these tests, sanitary pads have failed many times. With time technologies develop and come up with more safer things. Menstrual Cups are the one miracle invention which works as a blessing for each woman. Basically, it is designed with a purpose to stop the leaking menstrual fluid in public or at nights, which is the only reason menstrual cups became more popular. It is found that menstrual cups are leak-free alternatives in comparison to traditional tampons and sanitary pads. Menstrual cup is a type of reusable feminine menstrual product. These are small, flexible funnel- shaped cups made of skin- friendly rubber or silicone that you insert into your vagina to catch and collect blood flowing during periods.


Lunette Cups-

This menstrual cup is the best alternative to tampons and sanitary pads and can be used for up to two years. These are the most convenient menstrual cups in terms of ecological and economical ways to live with periods. Lunette Cups are bell- shaped that gives you a safe, comfortable, safe and odorless period for up to 12 hours. It is also called the future of period care because it is healthy for our skin because it collects the fluid instead of absorbing them so that we are safe from infection. It is Eco-friendly and reusable so every month you don’t have to worry about purchasing it just the way you think about sanitary pads and tampons. It is user- friendly and made with natural, highest medical grade silicon which is BPA free and no chemicals.

Merula Menstrual Cup-

One of the most used menstrual cups used by women is Merula Cups because of its wide variety of size and types available in the market. It is made up of 100% medical grade silicone and produced in Germany. It is not harsh and totally safe for your vaginal skin and free from any harmful substances which also means it is 100% vegan. It is round in shape having a rigid edge to stop the side leakage and a thin, soft body. The Merula XL cups are best for heavy flow days during periods. It doesn’t leak even if you remove it after 24 hour it won’t leak but it is advised to empty the cup every 12 hours. It has a good length of cup and stem which cover a good area under vagina. Its large size helps in easy removal of the cups.


This cup holds period fluid equal to 5 tampons. It can also be worn comfortably during sex if you are having some blood in the mix. These are also called Softcup disposable menstrual Discs which have a feature of a silicone ring that secures the base of the cervix and have a flexible bag- like a piece of material that collects the blood. This is the most affordable menstrual cup; it’s one package contains 14 Softcups. These are way more comfortable than tampons and much easier to insert and remove. Softcups menstrual cups have a chance of leakage if you don’t do its right placement and it is not reusable.

Sckoon Cup-

One of the most flexible menstrual cups out there and it’s so user- friendly than many of the branded cups. It is best for beginner users of menstrual cups. After wearing this you will not feel poked inside your vulva due to its tapered stem which is long and skinny but soft and bendy. It holds period blood as well as vagina’s secretions which simply means it is the cup that holds fluids until you remove it. It is ideal for night use and you can sleep without having the leakage tension. 

Super Jennie Menstrual Cups-

It markets itself for women with heavy period flow. These cups have the capacity of holding nearly 31.99 milliliter of blood. Super Jennie cups have a large diameter opening for easy insert cups. Its large area helps in locking itself properly under your vulva so that it does not move when you walk, run or sleep. Because of its large size it’s slightly painful to remove therefore not advised for using it on a regular period flow day. The pain would not harm your skin; it is only due to its large size so not need to worry about any injury.

Menstrual cups are one of the best menstrual care products. It does not absorb but collects the period blood to avoid vaginal infection. It is mostly made of silicone and rubber which makes it easier to insert and remove. It is like a one-time investment thing because many menstrual cups are reusable. You should never compromise with your hygiene especially when it comes to period. 

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