Top 10 Office Wear For Women

You all must have heard about a quote “Just Go with the Flow”. Its meaning reflects in the choice of our outfits which says we need to dress according to the place, occasion and environment. Because it’s like you will not wear a night suit while going to your office and not sleep wearing a jacket and formal trousers. In this segment we will discuss some best office wear outfits for women. Dressing formally for office creates a standard for visual solidarity. When we look good in our work wear it not only gets you compliments from your colleagues but makes your self- esteem soar high. When you work for an organization then you are the respective representative of it. A brand is known for its professionalism, uniformity, work efficiency, so dressing up in a formal wear helps you with a clarity of visions and goals.



Every Indian woman looks elegant, stylish and professional in a saree. It makes your personality bold and makes your looks trendy at the same time. But normal saree and work wear saree have some difference in its color palette, texture, fabric, draping style and many more. You should not be too bright like red or yellow color as a formal saree. Instead of this you should always opt for pastels, neutral and soft colors. Showing off your midriff at work even if you have a well- shaped waist is big NO. You should always ensure that the saree’s pallu and pleats are properly pinned up. 

Palazzo Pants and Blouse-

Palazzo’s are one of the most comfortable outfits because of its loose, airy and soft fabric. Now what works for an office wear palazzo is striped or plain ones. If you are wearing a striped palazzo then blouse should be plain and if you’re wearing plain palazzo your blouse should be of a little design. Avoid wearing too fancy palazzos and blouses and keep it as simple as you can. This will look awesome with a high ponytail and ballet. 

A Black Suit-

Black formal wear gives you the best looks for corporate meetings. It will give you classic business women feel and is everywhere acceptable at every workplace. You should avoid informal types of pants such as jeans, sweat pants, leggings etc. It gives you a full professional image and boosts your confidence to another level. You should wear plain accessories with it like a steel bracelet, pendent and pair of small earrings. Avoid wearing boots with formal suits instead of this wear a black ballet or high heels with it.

A Formal Top and Pair of Trousers-

This is the simplest look for regular office days. Formal top is very comfortable to wear and looks equally professional. You can add perfection in your look by wearing a thin leather belt, a pair of simple earrings, a classic watch, open hairs and a pair of high heels. 

A Long Kurti and Cigarette Pants-

This look is called Indo- western formal look. Those who love to experiment in their wardrobe. This outfit will give you a simple and professional look which is best for regular office days. It is the last-minute type look like you woke up late in the morning and don’t have time to iron and set your clothes so in that situation you can easily get ready with this dress. Slay your look by adding a pair of steel or oxidized Jhumkaas and a ballet with it. 

Formal Shirt and Skirt-

When it comes to formal wear it’s not like you always have to wear tight pants and trousers. If you wish to go with a more comfortable business woman, try out a pencil skirt with a formal skirt. The skirts can be of various types like A-line skirt, Circular skirt, Medium- Flared skirt, Fishtail skirt, Formal Pencil skirt, Long Straight skirt etc. Team it up with a pair of pencil heel pumps and try wearing minimum accessories.

Polo T-shirts and Formal Trousers-

This combination of Medium waist formal trousers with a colorful polo neck t- shirt is perfect for a casual day at work. This another type of last-minute outfit where you don’t have much type for dressing up. A bright colored t-shirt can add a fun element to your outfit. But avoid wearing neon at work. 

Formal Midi-

Straight formal midi are one of the easiest to choose cloths. To make it fit for office wear you need to focus on some points like the color combination should not be more than two, prefer dark color dress, choose collared midi, select knee length midi, focus on the fitness of it. If you keep all these things in mind then a middi can be your office wear. Bodycon midi are best for you if you want this as your office wear. It goes well with flat footwears and less accessories.

Say YES to Checks-

This outfit is very eye-catching and gives a stunning meeting look. This outfit is ideal for a feminine yet sharp look that has a professional touch too. This a one- piece dress so you don’t have to do a lot of adjustments in it. It is easy to wear and to look more graceful properly accessorize yourself like wear a thin belt which matches the color of the outfit, choose the footwear wisely, wear a watch or bracelets, a simple pendant etc. 

Semi-Formal Attire-

If you are bored from wearing a monotonous shade of formal wear try some experiment in your wardrobe with some colors and prints. A pair of red circular flounce top with an A- line skirt is a good retro- inspired look. It can be worn at meetings also and looks nothing less than professional business women. This combination of outfit does not need too much accessories, just have a simple makeup and you good to go. 

Dressing up to follow professionalism has a lot of categories in it. You must ensure your comfort, do not try too loose or too tight clothes that you cannot even carry. It must follow modesty like you should opt for closed- toe shoes, skirts or dresses below knee, no shorts, sleeves to the wrist and no exposed shoulders.

These are some basic protocols for office wear. The hair, makeup and accessories should be according to the outfits you have chosen. The significance of dress code cannot overstate when it comes to professionalism.

To be a true professional you must respect the workplace’s rules of attire.

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