Top 5 Traditional Footwears For Women

Fashion and styling are not confined only till dressing and makeup, it also includes our footwear. You all must have wanted that when you walk on to streets you should feel comfortable, confident, stylish, trendy in all aspects. It is rightly said that

 Women Can Never Have Enough Shoes

We want a different pair of footwear for each outfit, day and occasion. Shoes contribute a great deal to our human experience, no matter if it is a pair of flat funky slippers, a pair of classic boots, a bright red wedge, footwear can impress anyone and outshine any outfit to the next level. It is obvious that everybody cannot afford a separate pair of foot gear for each dress, so it is important to choose the footwear wisely that can go with most of our outfits. Our cultural beliefs, tradition and values always reflect in our fashion choices. Today we will have a look at top 5 traditional footwear for women which will grace your look in traditional style.

Let’s Checkout Some Traditional Footwear for Women

Khussa Shoes-

It is often called “Mojhari” or “Saleem Shahi’s” style which is handcrafted footwear produced in south Asia. For those who love both chic and ethnic style will love these shoes. These shoes are traditionally made by artisans using tanned vegetable leather and embroidered with brass nails, mirrors, bells and ceramic beads. It was previously worn by royal people and with time it came with different variations. Nowadays Khussa Shoes are loved by lots of women. It looks best with ethnic skirts, salwar kameez and patialas. 


This must be the first thing coming to your mind when thinking of traditional footwear. It is one of the most common traditional footwear in North Indian states. Inspired by Traditional Indian Royalties it is mainly made up of leather with amazing embroidery of gold or silver threads. It goes best with Gown, Salwar Suit and Dhoti Pants. Due to its strong ethnic appeal it is majorly worn everywhere like weddings, religious occasions, parties and festivals, in addition this it never goes out of fashion.

Kolhapuri Chappals-

Originally came from Maharashtra, Kolhapuri Chappals became popular footwear which suited both traditional and western outfits. It has a lot of varieties and is ideal for women who do not like wearing heels. It can be styled by Kurti, Salwar Suits, Saree and with Indo- Western outfits too. Its manufacturing used to involve a lot of man- power as it is all about leather hand crafting among which Kachkadi, Bakkalnali and Pukari are some of extremely popular designs of Kolhapuri Chappal.

Ethnic Heels-

Heels are one of the top choices among footwear. We always have at least one pair of heels in our wardrobe. These are mainly used to the illusion of long and slender legs which is a must when you wear a saree, lehenga or gown so that the garments don’t touch the floor. These are mainly outdoor footwear and idle for any casual or formal occasions. Ethnic heels have a lot of varieties like catwalk sandals, wedge heels, pencil heels, tip- toe heels etc. 


These are open footwear with open straps crossing toe and feet which relaxes our feet and must be in our wardrobe. It is available everywhere with a wide range of designs, size, styles, colors and materials. This is the most convenient footwear as it is comfortable, breathable, favorable for all seasons.  Some of the bestseller types of sandals are slip-ones, mojaris, classic belt-sandals etc. It goes with all types of outfits and fits every occasion. 

Footwear has a separate place in our outfits and we never have it enough. Choosing a smart footwear will now be easy for you when you go through the tips above. Always make sure your comfort before buying footwear, as it is directly connected to your body so to carry yourself in a better way, pay more attention towards footwear.

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