5 Shoes brands says YES to Recycled Fashion Trends!

In the past most shoppers have put little thought into how exactly the items they bought are being made, but that is no longer the case all around. In addition to demanding trendsetting styles and groundbreaking innovations the educated consumers of today expect products to be made responsibly. So if you are looking for more sustainable choices, we heard you right, which is why we got you a list of 5 best shoe brands which are making your stuff more sustainably.

Adidas X Parley

Adidas is most easily vocal about its sustainability efforts and environmental organization parley for oceans has been its biggest collaborator. The two giants teamed up in 2015 with a pair of sneakers using yarn made up of recycled ocean plastic and illegal deep sea gill nets. Products were officially launched for the public in 2016. Today, you will find parley’s recycled products from sneakers to boots. 

Tread by Everlane 

While recycled knits account for a big part of the sustainable sneakers market, Tread by Everlane is for those who still appreciate quality leather. With 94.2 % non virgin plastic soles, leather sourced from the world’s cleanest tannery and laces and linings made from recycled plastic bottles. Even if you aren’t a particularly conscious consumer, Tread by Everlane has a great appeal. Its style lends itself well to minimalists lovers of that cut and sewn look found on retro running sneakers. 

Reebok NPC UK + Corn 

When Reebok first launched these sneakers it featured a leather accent on heel tabs, but after receiving kickbacks from PETA, the brand took the initiative to make the product vegan. The updated product featured 100% cotton upper, a sole of corn and in soles made up of caster bean oil. 

Nothing New 

Nothing new is a startup founded in 2019  that aims to positively impact the planet and its resources and educate the people. As the name suggests nothing new sneakers are made up of all recycled products nothing else. Upper is 100% post consumer recycled plastic, while other components are made up of recycled cotton, fishnets, rubber etc.

Converse Renew 

The Chuck Taylor all star is cemented in footwear as one of, if not the most timeless sneakers on the planet but converse has proven that its able to stay in touch with modern demands. Using 100% recycled plastic bottles to make up its upper, the renewed collection is the latest example of its commitment to produce more carefully. 

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