Easy steps to fix faded black jeans at home

Black jeans are the most favorite and common in everybody’s wardrobe.

Wearing a black jean is an effortless way to look enhance your look. But due to regular washing, the jeans may get discolored or faded. In this segment, we will see some easy and amazing hacks to fix your faded black jeans.

Easy Steps to Restore the Color of Your Black Jeans:

Restoring with Dye

At first, you should make sure that your fabric is good for dye or not. Natural fabrics like cotton, linen, and silk are best for fabric dye. Whereas,  synthetic fabric like rayon and nylon also responds well to fabric dye. For dying the jean, you must create a proper workspace like cover the floor with plastic or newspaper. You must have sponges and paper towels, for dying use plastic or stainless-steel buckets. Fill the bucket with very hot water for better result. Wear rubber gloves and dissolve the powder dye into the bucket and mix it with a big spoon. Now put your garment into the and it should be left undisturbed up to 1 hour. After an hour remove the jeans from dye and rinse in warm water first, make sure you wear gloves. Hang it in the sunlight using clips to let it dry. If you have any skin irritation issue with dyes or fabric color please do not try this.

Coffee Dye

Put your black jeans in the washing machine, make sure you do not put any other color cloth instead of black. Start your normal washing procedure using cold water. This method is most effective when used on cotton fabrics. Prepare a pot of very strong black coffee, the stronger the coffee, the darker the final outcome will be. Transfer the whole pot of black coffee into the washing machine when rinsing is going on. Hang your jeans to let it dry. This method is the easiest and effective for black jeans. Make sure you do not harm your self while putting coffee into the machine.

Prevent Fading of Black Jeans

This is to be done before wearing your new black jeans. Pre-soak the jeans to set the dye color. Put some salt and one cup vinegar into the bucket. Vinegar and salt act as a dye sealer on the jean’s fabric. Wash your jeans normally before wearing and use fabric protector like Comfort Fabric Conditioner. It will prevent the fast fading of your black jeans and will last long. If you want to prevent the color fading of your jeans you must keep in mind some basic things like do not wash the cloth in hot water. Do not use the brush over the colored part regularly. To clean the dirt, use the brush on the opposite side of the cloth. Do not squeeze the water from jeans. Do not wash the jeans, you should wash them once in 2-3 weeks.

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