Top 5 Sustainable Fashion Designers Setting Trends In Recycled Fashion

Sustainable fashion is a philosophy of design and a trend that supports the environment and social responsibility.This fashion is defined as clothes, shoes and other products that are designed and used in the most sustainable way possible, taking into account both environmental and socio-economic factors. This particular efforts are adding up and giving emergence to new era of fashion whih is now known as recycled fashion.

Stella McCartney 

stella mccartney

Stella McCartney is the first name that springs to mind when talking about sustainable and responsible luxury apparel. Since the launch of her fashion house in 2001, she has been one of the founders of eco-friendly fashion and provides stylish wardrobe alternatives. The fabrics used by this designer include organic cotton, ethically treated wool, recycled textiles, except fur and leather. Stella McCartney hosted her Fall 2019 collection at Paris Fashion Week, with designs centered on her new “There She Grows” initiative that strives to protect endangered rainforests. The designs that were shown on the runway were cruelty-free and sustainable.

Sandra Sandor 

sandra sandor

Sandra Sandor is the mind behind Nanushka, a label that finds its origins in Budapest, Hungary. Starting from vegan leather and upcycled materials, she creates bags, dresses, and shirts for both men and women. Her unique and simple style reveals her love of nature, and it is taking the fashion world by storm.

Eileen Fisher

eileen fisher

We couldn’t make a sustainable fashion designer list without mentioning Eileen Fisher. This eco-friendly designer is passionate about disrupting the linear production model and works in a circular model. It recycles old textiles and garments that give rise to luxury and sustainable clothes. Fisher also went one step ahead by creating a dedicated social consciousness department within her company that addresses human rights, sustainability, and more.

Vivienne Westwood 

vivienne westwood

According to a positive report about you, British model Vivienne Westwood said, “Pay Less, Select Good, and Make It Last.” She also said that there is a need to change spending behaviors to address the environmental issues of the fashion industry. Although the designer has taken a new generation of fashion and urban punk to the mainstream, she is also very conscious and worried about the effect of the industry on climate change issues. The Eco-Friendly Designer has also presented various protest collections with strong messages like ‘Climate Revolution,’ and more.

Katie Jones 

katie jones

Katie Jones, an eco-friendly artist based in the UK, combines playful beauty with strong ethics. She puts sustainability in practice by embracing her grandmother’s vision of making something beautiful from nothing. The ethical designer ensures that her designs are addressing the issues of landfill and over-consumerism. Moreover, the brand also creates experiences that encourage social and environmental change. 

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