Top 5 Up-cycled Clothing Brands 2020

Other than getting a 1 of a sort piece for you, there are other enormous environmental benefits to up-cycling clothing. Because up-cycled clothing uses significantly less raw materials, it massively reduces the harmful impacts of fashion production. like less water usage, less chemicals and fewer carbon emissions. Also, because the clothing would are discarded, it saves tonnes worth of clothing ending up within the landfill. That’s what I call Planet Friendly. during this article i will be able to introduce you to five of my favorite gems within the up-cycling and recycling fashion space, offering a mixture of favor , affordability and performance .

Beyond Retro

Beyond Retro are a Vintage retailer. Their sources search through 1,000 s of vintage pieces to seek out people who are timeless and ideal for us. But just one out of 1,000 pieces make it to the workplace . Beyond Retro creatively found an answer the opposite 999 pieces that didn’t make. They created their own up-cycled Label made only from secondhand fabrics.
Taking the pieces that didn’t make the cut and type them into huge piles of materials . They then redesign them supported future fashion trend predictions. Turning the past into the longer term . Another key feature is that the price range, making it easier for conscious consumers to buy ethically.


This list wouldn’t be complete without one among the founding fathers of ethical fashion – Patagonia. Patagonia has been paving the way forward within the ethical fashion space since 1973. The outdoor wear brand started using recycled plastic bottles to form their garments back in 1993! That’s what I call pushing the boundaries.Patagonia uses this recycled plastic to make their fleeces, shorts, and jackets in their Re-collection. They even have a very cool recycling scheme. If you own one among their clothes, and it can’t be repaired, you’ll hand it into one among their shops to be recycled and reused. Saving tonnes of clothing from ending up within the landfill and making the fabrics lifetime last for much longer . Keep doing what you’re doing Patagonia.

Blonde Gone Rogue

It is one among the most recent additions to the London sustainable fashion scene. The brand uses high-quality fabrics which are left from large productions so as to offer them a second life. Besides that, blonde gone rogue uses the Cupro fabric, which is formed from the waste of cotton fiber. All t-shirts and hoodies are made up of 100% recycled fabric or organic cotton.Not scared of some bright color pop ups in your outfit? blonde gone rogue may be a great choice for dynamic urban women trying to find new statement clothing pieces doing no harm to the earth Earth.

Fabric for freedom

It is a British fashion brand pioneering sustainability within the industry, led by founder & designer Esther Knight. Slow fashion movement is during this brand DNA. In contrast to fast-fashion houses, the brand launches one collection throughout the year. Besides this, the brand promotes prolonging the lifetime of used clothes by redesigning them into new pieces. Fabric For Freedom sources distinctive vintage pieces – mainly denim and outerwear and up-cycles them into lavish designs. Using embroidery and embellishment from off-cuts and production waste, the planning team creates one-of-a-kind pieces.

Ruby Moon

It makes a number of the foremost beautiful active wear pieces. Their gym and sustainable swimwear are created from used fishing nets and plastic bottles taken from the ocean. By turning polluting waste into their beautiful garments, they need reduced their carbon footprint by 42%! they’re also dedicated to a circular economy. in order that they re-claim swimwear and other stretch fabrics to re-use in their up-cycled clothing line. Ruby Moon also has its own take-back scheme. So, if you’ve got any used swimwear pieces, you’ll send them in and receive a reduction on your next purchase. far better than simply throwing them away!

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