Beating COVID-19 Negativity in all New Way!

New ways to connect socially during the nationwide lock down amid of corona virus. We have tried to
make beat the negativity and the mental stress during the lockdown,we made this video on the song
‘Kudi nu nachne de’ from the movie ‘Angreji Medium’. The motive of this video is to motivate the people
during lockdown as we are seeing mental stress and depression cases are being raised during the
corona virus lockdown.
You can also stay motivated and stay socially connected during the social distancing period, follow
your passion and do what you like but stay motivated keep your surroundings happy as this is very
crucial time for all of us. We have some ideas for you to stay motivated during this crucial period. Like
you can paint, make funny videos and share it with friends and play games such as Ludo which is most
popular games in these days.
This video is made for the entertainment purpose and to motivate people during Lockdown, so let’s
be social in social distancing and beat COVID-19 with the positive thoughts and happy surrounding.



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